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Online Relationships

on February 14, 2016

VDayHappy Valentine’s Day! ❤ I figured this was a good time to post about online relationships. By “relationship” I mean friendship, courtship, any form of a bond that happens between people online.  When you think about it the internet has opened up many ways for us to connect with people we would never get to know outside of forums, gaming communities, etc. Some people have even met their spouse online. That happened to someone I know in real life and they got married last year. Speaking of, why do we use the phrase “in real life”?

Does it mean the person we’re communicating with online is somehow “less real” then people we see face-to-face? I asked a few of my friends and this is what they had to say:

“People who say that make it sound like the people online aren’t real and just fictional characters.”

“Not online. People online are typically people you don’t come into contact [with] in real life. When you do, they become a real life friend compared to just an online friend. The stuff you do online isn’t what’s going on in the real world, that’s what draws the line from reality and fake.”

“‘In real life’ means in the physical world and in some matter of fact can mean the virtual world. In real life we sense that it’s got to have a physical connection with an item/object or human however, although there is a lack of physical properties online or by a virtual manner, the person behind the screen still is a human that has all the factors ‘real life’ has. Relationships can occur online even if there hasn’t been a physical connection made yet, as long as the person has the morals each other expects and follows the law then all is good. You can’t stop love, even if there is a long distance apart.”

As you can see they all have pretty diverse opinions. To me “in real life” means the physical world, but that doesn’t make the online world any less real or valid. I’ve personally made some close friends, thanks to the internet. Some of them know things even my friends in the real world don’t know. Anyways, back to the main topic.

When it comes to dating I think it’s possible to have a good, healthy relationship online, but it would take a lot of commitment. There are at least three things I think both people should have in order for it to work: integrity, kindness, and of course love. Cause that’s what makes the world go round 😉

Do you have any thoughts about online relationships?


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