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Coding Python

on December 13, 2016

PythonFor some reason my boss wants me to learn the coding language, Python. His reasoning was pretty vague. He said he may need it for projects and things so I’ve been learning through Codecademy.com. I used to use it a few years ago to learn just enough HTML and CSS to design one of my old blogs nicely.

The site design has completely changed since I last used it which was back in 2012, I think. So far it’s been okay. HTML is a lot easier to understand and I’m brushing up on that as well. Do you know how to code?

P.S. Are you enjoying the Winter theme of the blog?


One response to “Coding Python

  1. codeinfig says:

    the best reason for you to learn to code is it will help you understand computers (and computing) so much better. this isnt just about numbers, but processing any kind of data. people think they understand computers when they learn to use applications. but its like knowing how to read, and not how to write. its also like trying to understand people with no exposure to the subject of psychology.

    when you learn to code, your intuitution about whats happening with a computer is substantially increased– more than all that however, making informed decisions in the 21st century requires a better understanding of computers than you can get from using applications. this is the best reason for “everyone” (or practically everyone) to learn to code.


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