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Video Games Day

on July 8, 2017

Today is Video Games Day. I gave away my Nintendo DS Lite a few years ago since I wasn’t using it anymore. Sometimes I regret that decision.

Since I’m not a hardcore gamer (more casual like apps), I decided to ask some of my friends about video games. Here’s what they had to say:

“I love anything Nintendo, because unlike any other gaming company, they are not scared to innovate, and make games different than what’s expected. I think other video game companies are lazy and rehash the same sh*t all the time. My favorite consoles would be Nintendo GameCube, 3DS, and Switch.”

“My favorite console is the PS4 and my favorite game is Black Ops.”

“I love video games because in-game I can kill as many people as I want and not care.”

“My favorite game is either Skyrim or Stronghold.”

What do you like about video games?


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