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National Dog Day

Today is National Dog Day in the United States. I’m more of a cat person.

Do you have a dog?

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Mike and Alyssa: The Coma Car

Today I decided to post one of the short stories I wrote a few years ago. Here it is!

Mike and Alyssa: The Coma Car

Once upon a time there was this boy named Mike and this girl named Alyssa. They were next door neighbors and the worst of enemies. One day their History teacher paired them up for a group assignment. They avoided working on it until the last possible moment cause they didn’t want to get into an argument. As they’re walking to the bus stop from school Alyssa is nagging Mike about the project. Saying stuff like “If you weren’t being such a jerk and ignoring me this would be finished by now.”

So Mike is like “This is exactly why I didn’t want to work on this with you in the first place.” Alyssa asks, “Well, when are you going to stop being a wimp and start working with me?” Mike replies, “Maybe I wouldn’t be such a wimp if you weren’t so ugly. The reason you’re still single is because all the guys are scared of you.”

At that point they arrived at an intersection and Mike puts on his headphones to ignore Alyssa’s yelling. The walk sign comes on and he storms across the street not realizing a car is coming straight for him. Alyssa’s right behind him and pushes him out of the way before getting hit by the car.
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Book of the Month

This month’s book is The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley.

Summary: The incredible national bestseller that is changing people’s lives — and increasing their net worth!


Who are the rich in this country?

What do they do? Where do they shop? What do they drive?
How do they invest? Where did their ancestors come from?
How did they get rich? Can I ever become one of them?

Get the answers in The Millionaire Next Door, the never-before-told story about wealth in America. You’ll be surprised at what you find out….

This book changed my life. I’m not joking. My whole perspective on rich people has completely changed. If you’re into finance this is the perfect read. It will blow your mind.

Rating: 7/10

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National Bowling Day

It’s National Bowling Day here in the United States. The last time I went bowling was about 2 years ago to celebrate a friend’s birthday. We spent the night eating pizza, singing to the songs playing, and of course bowling.

Do you like to bowl?

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Quote of the Month


“Evil will become powerless when it finds no opposing object, no resistance, but, instead, is willingly borne and suffered. Evil meets an opponent for which there is no match. Of course, this only happens when the last remnant of resistance is removed, when the urge to retaliate evil with evil is completely renounced. Then evil cannot achieve its goal of creating more evil; it remains alone.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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Song of the Month: Never Forget You


This month’s featured song is Never Forget You by Zara Larsson and MNEK. Listen below!

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Botanic Gardens

I was in DC for 6.5 hours today! Most of it was spent at the Botanic Gardens. You would think most of it would be outside, but the building is kind of like a greenhouse. Here are a fraction of the pictures I took.

Nature is so beautiful.

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Book of the Month

This month’s book is Airhead by Meg Cabot.


Emerson Watts didn’t even want to go to the new SoHo Stark Megastore grand opening. But someone needed to look out for her sister, Frida, whose crush, British heartthrob Gabriel Luna, would be singing and signing autographs there—along with the newly appointed Face of Stark, teen supermodel sensation Nikki Howard.

How was Em to know that disaster would strike, changing her—and life as she’d known it—forever? One bizarre accident later, and Em Watts, always the tomboy, never the party princess, is no longer herself. Literally.

Airhead is the first book in a trilogy. Even though it’s been a few years since I read it I remember picking it up and literally not being able to put it down. Airhead is a VERY addicting read. You have been warned haha. Be prepared for twists as well.

Rating: 10/10

P.S. If you love reading check out Goodreads.

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On This Day in History – July 17

On July 17, 1955 Disneyland aka “The Happiest Place on Earth” was opened by Walt Disney in Anaheim, California.

Have you been to Disneyland or Disney World before? If so what was it like?


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Quote of the Month


“Humility is the solid foundation of all the virtues.” – Confucius

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